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Chain Reaction Car Collisions

Being in a traffic jam can be very frustrating, but how about when it is because of multiple car crashes? These accidents can block traffic for miles. Who is the driver that was at fault? Who really knows? Could it be the driver that is behind every driver? Could it be the driver in the front? Or is it the middle driver? Answers to all of these questions can vary because it all depends on the actualities of the accident. Below will be explained the different scenarios that could happen in multiple car crashes.

There is a term known as the “following car” doctrine that depicts the driver who is following another car the one who would be able to avoid crashing into they vehicle they are following. If there is no known unusual conditions or emergency, then the driver who is following would be alleged as negligent. The only way the following driver would not be considered negligent is if there was an “emergency” or an “unusual condition” that caused them to collide with the vehicle in front of them.

The emergency must be something that was not anticipated and was outside of their control.  Having wet roads are usually not considered an “emergency” because drivers are supposed to slow down when it rains. But sometimes there are situations where this does not apply.

Situation #1: An Accident involving three cars caused by the last driver

In this case, the last driver would crash into the middle driver and the middle driver would then crash into the driver in the front. Did the middle driver have enough room between themselves and the front driver? Even if they didn’t they emergency doctrine would protect them because it was something out of their control. The front driver and the middle driver could both file a claim against the last driver because they would be the one at fault. Seek the help of a car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Situation #2: An accident involving three cars caused by the middle driver

In this case, the middle driver would have crashed into the front driver because they were driving to close and the last driver collides into the middle driver making the middle driver crash back into the front driver. The middle driver could file a claim against the last driver for driving too close, while the front driver would have several and joint liability against both the last driver and the middle driver.

Situation #3: An accident involving three cars caused by the front driver

In this case, the front driver stalls and causes the middle driver to ram into them and leaving the last driver at the rear-end car accident of the middle driver. The front driver would get all the fault because thinking a car would just stall in the middle of the road is not reasonable unless the middle driver has enough time to react but was distracted, then they could be the one at fault. The last driver would be responsible for the crashing into the middle driver if they too were distracted.

Each scenario can have other factors that affect their outcome. Multiple car collisions can be very disastrous as many cars can become compressed together and can create a larger accident, putting more lives in danger.

Miami Chain Reaction Personal Injury Lawyer

The assistance of a Miami personal injury attorney would be great to get ahold of after having gone through multiple car crashes that can bring a lot of confusion due to so many cars being involved. Who was at fault? An expert lawyer can answer that question and work with experts to ensure that the most amount of evidence is collected because it would be beneficial for the case. The victims should make their claim today and let go of some stress that this may be causing them.

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