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Child Molestation Laws in Arizona

Child Molestation laws in Arizona are defined as per ARS §13-1410 which is the act of intentionally or knowingly engaging in, or causing another person to engage in non-penetrative sexual contact with a child under the age of 15 years for sexual stimulation. Sexual contact with the female breast is an exception to this statute. Anyone engaged in such activity is charged under DCAC (Dangerous Crime Against Children) and will face long-term imprisonment.

Penalties and Sentencing for Child Molestation in Arizona

The laws governing child molestation vary from state to state and a conviction can result in dire consequences. Child molestation and child sex abuse cases are vigorously prosecuted, and carry mandatory long prison sentences. The offender will also be required to register as a sex offender after release from prison. This registry is accessible to the general public.

During incarceration, child molesters are not treated well by inmates as well as the correctional staff and attacks on child molesters in prisons are becoming common. Apart from the prison sentence, the offender may be required to pay heavy fines and also be required to undergo counseling. They may also be required to do community service.

Crimes charged as DCAC are considered Class 2 Felonies. A first offense can lead to a minimum prison term of 10 years, a presumptive prison sentence of 17 years, up to a maximum prison term of 24 years.

A repeat offense with a prior conviction will trigger enhanced penalties. This carries a minimum prison sentence of 21 years, a presumptive prison sentence of 28 years, up to a maximum prison term of 35 years.

Since child molestation is a DCAC, 100% of the prison term has to be served before being eligible for release. Upon release, the person is required to register as a sex offender for the rest of their life. Because of these consequences, crimes like these are called “life enders.” Anyone convicted of 2 or more charges in the same case must serve each prison term consecutively.

Defending a Child Molestation Charge

If you have been accused of child molestation, you must seek legal counsel as soon as the accusation arises. In most cases, the accused has to remain behind bars without the option of bail. Even the most powerful or wealthiest person can find themselves in such a hopeless situation. They will be required to stay behind bars until the final case disposition or pleading guilty to years in prison.

The charge could arise from a false accusation imposed by a disgruntled teenage if you are going through a divorce case. It can also be accused by an estranged spouse who may fabricate the whole thing.

Investigating these cases is extremely important and that is where you’ll need the services of an experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney. The attorney will investigate the matter, prepare a report, and interview forensic or psychology experts who may talk to the child to find out what exactly happened. Sometimes, a child may falsely accuse a step dad of such an offense, just to get rid of him. The attorney may also review all the divorce documents, or even conduct a polygraph exam to demonstrate the truthfulness of the defendant in these cases.

These are important steps that need to be taken care of right away to protect the rights of the defendant. If you need assistance in a child molestation case, contact the Cantor Sex Lawyers at (602) 307-0808 to retain your own private legal representation.

DM Cantor have successfully represented clients who have been falsely accused of such crimes. They also have legal professionals who are trained in the science of interrogating juvenile subjects and their relatives. Denying or delaying the process of contacting an experienced attorney will only complicate matters for you.


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