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Solicitation of Prostitution – Phoenix Code § 23-52

What is Solicitation of Prostitution? (City of Phoenix City Code § 23-52)

Solicitation of Prostitution occurs when someone offers money or something of value in exchange for another person to engage in a sexual act. There is no corresponding Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) but almost every individual city has their own municipal code outlawing Solicitation of Prostitution. The State of Arizona has said that the act of Prostitution is illegal, thus soliciting a prostitute is illegal too.

Every city in Arizona has the right to enforce their own statutes or city codes when it comes to Solicitation of Prostitution. The State of Arizona has stated that Prostitution itself is illegal and has allowed each city to monitor the area of solicitation themselves. The City of Phoenix has enacted City Code § 23-52 to cover Solicitation of Prostitution.

Watch this video of David Michael Cantor explain being Charged with Solicitation of a Prostitute / Soliciting a Prostitute in Arizona.

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Solicitation of Prostitution: Penalties & Punishment

First Offense

  • 15 Days to 6 Months Jail
  • Up to $2,500 Fines (plus 84% surcharge)
  • 3 Years Probation & Counseling

Second Offense

  • Mandatory Minimum 30 Days Jail
  • Up to $2,500 Fines (plus 84% surcharge)
  • 3 Years Probation & Counseling

Third Offense

  • Mandatory Minimum 90 Days Jail
  • Up to $2,500 Fines (plus 84% surcharge)
  • 3 Years Probation & Counseling

Fourth Offense

  • Mandatory Minimum 6 Months Jail
  • Up to $2,500 Fines (plus 84% surcharge)
  • 3 Years Probation & Counseling

(These penalties or for convictions of Solicitation of Prostitution for Phoenix, AZ. Each city has its own sentences. Some cities may publish a Defendant’s name and photo in the local newspaper, or website, upon conviction.)

The Associates at DM Cantor take pride in knowing more about the defense of Solicitation of Prostitution than the prosecution and the police officers.

 Solicitation of Prostitution Defenses

Some possible defenses for Solicitation are:

  • Lack of Intent
  • Miranda Rights Violation
  • Denial of Right To Counsel

Charges of Solicitation of Prostitution will have lifelong consequences that include jail time, fines and public humiliation.

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