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What is Sexual Misconduct with a Minor in Arizona?

David Cantor explains the charge of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor in Arizona: “What is Sexual Misconduct with a Minor in Arizona?” In Arizona it is not just child molestation, it is worse.  The charges involve the actual penetration of the genitalia or the anus with either a finger, penis, or tongue; or any oral sexual conduct or contact. If…read more →

Sexual Exploitation of a Minor vs. Child Pornography

People will ask us, “What is sexual exploitation of a minor?”  Basically, it’s child pornography.  In almost all cases, it involves somebody possessing video’s and/or photographs of an underage child engaged in a sexual activity or in a sexual position; these are very bad charges.  Charges for sexual exploitation of a minor are the same as child pornography.  It is…read more →

Lesbian Florida Teenager Charged with Sex Crime

A Sebastian, Fla., teenager is being charged with a crime that could potentially place her on the state’s sex offender registry. At the same time, some publicly disseminated statements about her case appear to be inaccurate. The ACLU also said it was not representing Hunt. However, hours later, A. Julia Graves, the attorney for Kaitlyn Hunt, sent out an email…read more →

What To Do If Under Investigation for a Sex Crime

Being charged with a sex crime is a very serious matter, one that should never be trifled with and treated lightly. Simply put, taking an inappropriate step in the beginning of a sex crime investigation can lead to serious problems as the matter progresses. In Arizona, sex crimes are often referred to as ‘Life enders’ because of the seriousness of…read more →

Jury finds woman not guilty of unlawful sex with minor

After just fewer than five hours of deliberation an eight-person jury found Montreia Barney not guilty on one count of unlawful sexual conduct with a 16- or 17-year-old, a third-degree felony, and guilty on one count of obstruction of justice, a class A misdemeanor. Barney was accused of having sexual relations with a former student from Mt. Nebo Jr. High…read more →

Missouri considering changing its sex offender registry rules

Eric Bacon fears he will forever occupy a shameful sliver of cyberspace known as the sex offender registry. Type in his name in the state’s search engine, and you can see where he lives and works, the cars he drives, along with the crime he committed more than a decade ago: Possession of child pornography — then a misdemeanor. The…read more →

Understanding how computer forensics are used in Child Pornography cases

Criminal defense lawyer David Michael Cantor discusses a serious topic: Child Pornography. In this short video David explains how many Child Pornography cases involve young people who inadvertently download child pornography while using a file sharing service. If you use the Internet this information may help you avoid serious charges.

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