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Registered sex offender nabbed for going to church

I am not sure of the details here but if he is trying to attend church services to help get himself back on the right track and we won’t let him what does that say about our society? Authorities in Lincoln County say a registered sex offender has been arrested for attending church. The Charlotte Observer reports that 38-year-old James…read more →

Elmo puppeteer hit with 3rd underage sex lawsuit

Its been a tough couple of week for Kevin Clash, the voice and puppet master of Sesame Streets Elmo, with 3 separate underage sex lawsuits and a resignation from his job. The suits claim that years ago Clash had lured the boys from online chat rooms into having sexual relations with him. So far Clash has settled one of the…read more →

Consensual sex under 18 illegal in India

India has taken a new lead in absurd legislation. Recently the Asian country passed a law banning all sex, even consensual, for anyone under the age of 18. Now the discussion has turned to the enforcement side of things which as is usual with Moral laws were not thought through prior to passage of the law. At question now is…read more →

Army general accused of sex crimes starts Hearing

The US Army has moved forward in a rare case against a general in the trial of Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair. The General is accused of committing sex-related crimes involving four female officers and a civilian. The Prosecutors opened with their first witness Maj. Gen. James Huggins, the former commander of the 82nd Airborne and Sinclair’s direct superior during his…read more →

Sexual Crimes and What to Look For

Sexual crimes are any form of criminal offense or crime that involves a sexual foundation. It might be that these crimes involve physical contact, but then again they may not. Crimes can be either a felony or a misdemeanor. According to statistics, sex crimes involving forced rape went down by around ten percent over the past few years, and the…read more →

Former Arizona resident arrested for child sex crimes in Oklahoma

US Marshalls in Oklahoma have arrested a former resident of Chandler Arizona for sexual acts towards a minor. William Joseph LeRoux, Jr. was arrested for 12 counts of sexual contact with a minor, each of which counts as a felony. Here is the rest of the story from CBS 5: A former Chandler man wanted in Arizona for sexual acts towards…read more →

Equestrian Coach in Phoenix West Valley Sex Abuse Case To Jurors

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s office failed to investigate 400+ sex crimes and one of those cases was against Ralph Carr. Mr Carr is accused of fondling the breasts of young girls between 2006 – 2009. Because the Sheriff’s office failed to investigate this case properly, there is no evidence and no eye-witness testimony. The jury is simply going off the…read more →

Former New York Mayor appeals Level 2 sex offender status

A former mayor in the state of New York is appealing his sex offender status to be lowered from a Level 2 to a Level 1 classification. This would indicate that John Gosek would be identified as a ‘low risk’ for committing a sex crime again. Further it would mean that after 20 years the status would be removed from…read more →

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