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What is Sexual Misconduct with a Minor in Arizona?

David Cantor explains the charge of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor in Arizona:

“What is Sexual Misconduct with a Minor in Arizona?”

In Arizona it is not just child molestation, it is worse.  The charges involve the actual penetration of the genitalia or the anus with either a finger, penis, or tongue; or any oral sexual conduct or contact.

If the victim is 14 years old or younger it is then called a Dangerous Crime Against Children or “DCAC”.  If convicted of a single charge, it’s 13 years in prison minimum, 20 years is the presumptive sentence and 27 years in prison is the max.

If there is more than one act committed, the law requires the sentenced be stacked.  If that occurs, the minimum sentence is 26 years in prison.  If there are three acts, it jumps up 13 more years to 39 years in prison at the minimum.

Sexual Misconduct with a Minor is one of the most serious charges in Arizona, even more serious than second degree murder.  If the child is under 12 years of age, the judge only has two options; they can sentence you to thirteen to twenty seven years in prison, or life without the possibility of parole until thirty five years.

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